RUBLS is the company to support pet product suppliers around the world to

Launch brands and products
Enter the Russian pet market
Grow and develop business in Russia
We are experts in the pet industry with great experience and broad network
We’ve helped 20+ international suppliers to enter and grow in Russia.
We can help you!
We’ll help you to:
Find the reliable partner
Build the right strategy
Get familiar with the Russian pet market
Feel confident on a new, different and a very potential market
Our team
Yulia Dolzhenkova, CEO

She has been working in the pet market with a strong focus on Russia for 23 years. Yulia has a broad network and profound market expertise. She is the author of various articles focused on the Russian pet market, as well as a speaker at Global PETS Forum Asia, Zoomark International, ParkZoo conferences.

Yulia Dolzhenkova is a CEO of RUBLS Ltd., she oversees partnerships, operations, marketing.
Nic Dechamps, the co-creator

Nic had been one of the inspirers and the advisory director of this start-up until he passed away in January, 2022. He was passionate about connecting people and businesses. With his extensive international experience in industry and trade his contribution in the creation and strategy development of RUBLS company is hard to overestimate. Nic’s ideas and expertise will be missed as well as hisbright personality.
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Yulia Dolzhenkova